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April 29, 2012
Famous Swedish Photographer Honeymoon With Us

What a terrific couple and their story is so passionate. Their matchmaking was the result of one single click of the shutter on Georg’s camera. The portrait was a long, winding country road in Ireland, and it caught Ann’s eye for the romance of a lifetime. Ann lived in Los Angeles, a city girl, confined and resigned to work in the center of the metropolis. One day at work, she clicked on a beautiful photograph, taken by a award winning Swedish photographer, Georg Lulich. The picture was featured in his first U.S. premier exhibit in Los Angeles of “Old World and New Images,”  a selection of some of the most popular photos from The Georg Lulich Gallery in Uppsala, Sweden. 'Old World/New Images' is proof of Lulich's unique talent for capturing everyday images, and with his images he aims to capture the joy, beauty and humor often overlooked by the distractions of contemporary life.  Ann wrote to him about how taken she was with his photography and the rest was history! They were married over New Years and spent a relaxing honeymoon at the Black Horse Inn. Ann and George loved the horses and plan to be back next year for a carriage ride on their first anniversary.  By the way, if you want to peruse some spectacular photos here is the link. George Lulich Grafisk Form and Fotografi , Sweden

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