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November 09, 2011
Kristen & John~On the Dance Train

From the Bride: Thanks for everything! We had a great time and our family and friends love love loved the Black Horse Inn. The staff were all very sweet and we're especially gonna miss that Joyce :). John and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. John went way out of his way to make sure and introduce himself to me lol. (I’m pretty sure John fell for me after I kicked his butt in a game of tag in the front yard, lol) He then asked about me about 5 months later, John finally convinced me to hang out. And from that moment, John and I couldn’t spend a second away from each other, fell head over heels in love, and the rest is history! We got engaged on October 31st 2010. (only because Johns attempts to get me to take off the next day, Monday, November 1st, fell through because I couldn’t take off. He wanted to propose to me on my birthday the 1st). He was so excited that he proposed to me first thing in the morning!   What is your best advice to other couples for planning a wedding? Though it can be stressful and time consuming at times, never forget that your #1 priority is each other. Also, don’t get too involved with the logistics of the wedding day, just show up and enjoy every second of it!  What did you most enjoy about your own wedding? At one point during the reception, we took a moment to look around at all of our family and friends. Seeing how much fun everyone was genuinely having, made our night! The DJ from  Main Line Music (Mike Packard) said that we made the most impressive dance train he had ever seen! :)

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