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May 05, 2011
Hats Adorn the Bride & Groom for the KY Derby & Gold Cup Weekend

Addison and CJ were the perfect pair adorned with hats on their wedding day. As a matter of fact, the entire bridal party wore hats to celebrate their May 7th wedding. It was a perfect way to celebrate not only the Gold Cup, but the Kentucky Derby. Addison made a beautiful bride and her gown was stunning. CJ was the perfect groom, decked out in his handsome formal wedding regalia. The couple named their tables after their favorite wines and wineries, a clever idea for a themed wedding. The guests had  fun finding their seats and loved  the "bowl of wishes," where each guest would compose a wish on notepaper for the bride and groom. It was a well deserved fabulous wedding for a very busy bride! We look forward to seeing them on their anniversary if not sooner.

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